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Monday, October 7, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.7.1

I created a topic in Fakku Forum to comment about the app (problems, suggests, etc). I would rather than you write there than here, because I think would be more organizated.

FakkuDroid v2.7.1 - Download Link

New features:

 - Little design changes to Manga Information Page.
 - "Very small bug, but annoying nonetheless. I'm on version 2.6, and when I tell it to not remind me again of the new update, it reminds me every time I load a new doujinshi. Obviously can't test this using the new version because there wouldn't be an update to tell it not to remind me of."  - ~Anonymous (FIXED)

 - "Favorites don't work? The app fetches[username]/favorites but the website is like this[username]-[some number]/favorites" - ~Anonymous.

I don't know when this happen, but some users have different way to generate his favorite url. For example, in my case, my username is devsaki and my favorite url is

If your favorite url is generated different like, for example the user Shinryu-Rex, his favorite url is, so tap in "Change url user" (see image 1) and insert only the bond word (see image 2).

Image 1
Image 2

Friday, September 27, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.6.1 - 2.7.0

FakkuDroid v2.6.1

Well, I have been very busy, sorry for the delay.

This version only fix a problem with the downloads, if you have problems to read or download an manga, please test it and write me in the comments if it works, now :D.

PD.- Improve performance in downloads, too.


FakkuDroid v2.7.0

- Improve the lists of mangas and favorites (now, the app downloads the images concurrently).

"I still have problem with downloading..." ~Anonymous
I made some changes to the code, please test it and write me if it is working now.

PD.- If I wrote wrong, please correct me in the comments.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.6.0

Read the initial message and support the project ^_^

FakkuDroid v2.6.0

New Features:

- Improve perfomance speed downloading image covers.

- Add and remove favorites (FIXED)
- Android 3.2 problems (FIXED) *
- Change Page with volume buttons (in Preference)
- Some app crashs and bugs fixeds.

*Tobighost, please, test and say me if it works now.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

FakkuDroid 2.5.1

Read the initial message and support the project ^_^

FakkuDroid v2.5.1

New Features:

- Improve Log File

- No Data Bug (Fixed) *
- Android 2.1 Compatibility
- RC~"if you make it can remember last sorting choice, it would be nice. :D" (DONE)
- Some bugs fixeds
- Created a dialog to change the page in the lists (do a tap in the page)
- Bug empty folder (Fixed)

* If you still have problems with that or maybe you can't start download or read, please enable the option Save Log File in Preference, replicated the errors and upload the file. I improved this file to have more details :D.

New Version FakkuDroid ASAP

Fakku changed his html and the app is not working. I'm going to release a new version ASAP.

Monday, August 5, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.4.3

FakkuDroid v2.4.3

New Features:

 - New way to order the download list (By date).
 - New option to save a log file *.
 - Bug: If you have an Android without root, maybe you have been experimenting problems with the downloads, please test this new version.
 - RC~ "and when we entering manga details and go back to manga list, the manga list would return on the top of list. it kind of annoying, could you made it remember last scroll position? :3" (DONE)

* This option is not enable by default, if you have problems and want to help me to fix the problem, please enable the preference, replicate the error and upload the logfile.txt.

New button to order list

Friday, August 2, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.4.2

New Features:
 - "i always get "no data" popup when i "click" on any manga... doesnt matter if logged in or not..." (FIXED)
 - RC~"wow finally, Sidebar color: #303030 Sidebar divider: #292929" (FIXED)
 - Some bugs fixed.

FakkuDroid NO DATA

Well, I don't know why, but Fakku API isn't working, so I'm going to release a new version ASAP.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.4.1

New Features:
  - New option to delete the cover images cache (in Preference)*.
  - New loading gif (Thanks to RC)
  - Dark Menu**.
  - Implementation of the Fakku API. Improve perfomance to open manga.
  - Some bugs fixed.
  - Scan folder option (in Preference).

FakkuDroid v2.4.1
* If you want to dowload again the covers in case of error.

** I don't sure about the tone of the black, if you have a suggest, please send me the hexadecimal color :D.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

FakkuDroid 2.4.0 (Beta)

Sorry for the delay, this week was another busy week... I didn't add all features that I wanted to add, but I solve some bugs, but the principal reason that I release now this new version is because I'm going to travel tomorrow (Brazil, unknown country to me) and I don't have idea when I'm going to have time or, at least, have internet to release a new version...

New Features:

 - New default background viewer color: Black.
 - New option setting: Select Background Viewer Color.
 - New navigation (this fix a lot of bugs).

RC~ "no prob man, thanks for your app. :D black menu is only what i want. xD * * * menu became invisible when clicking manga => sort by newest (bug?/just me?)" (FIXED)

I hope to come back soon (two weeks until I find a place to stay), but if I take more time I want to  thanks to everybody for the feedbacks (especially to RC~) and the donations, I learned a lot to program in Android and I think I improved my English.

FakkuDroid 2.4.0

Saturday, July 13, 2013

FakkuDroid is still alive

These last 2 weeks, I have been very very busy. I'm going to travel to Brazil and I was asking a loan to the bank, requesting a visa because I'm going to Brazil to study, my friends and family made farewell events and stuff like that.

But don't worry, I was fixing the bugs and implementing new options (change gallery background color, improve perfomance (Jacob send me a part of the new API)) and I'm just testing right now, so tomorrow I'm releasing the new version.

Thanks for your feedbacks :D and patience please.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.3.0

FakkuDroid v2.3.0

New Features:

 - Fixed favorites (open manga and change number page).
 - Refresh menu when you sign in.
 - New favorites design.

Thanks for your feedbacks!

PD.- Does anybody wants to make a new loading gif to replace the current gif?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I came back

Well, I travelled to my town the last week and I didn't have Internet or if I had, his Internet was the slowest in the world.

I'm going to release new versions this week :D fixing favorites and other things.

Sorry for the delay.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.2.0 - Updated v2.2.5

FakkuDroid v2.2.5

- Back button improved.

"Anonymous: The app force closes every time a download completes. After it closes the notification for the completed download remains on the notification bar and can't be removed unless you force close the app from the application listing in settings. This issue is happening on my nexus 7." (FIXED)

This new version maybe have new bugs, please test it.

FakkuDroid v2.2.4

In the last update, I tried to use the new "Download link" of Fakku, but it seems still unstable, so this new version always use the old way to download mangas (Downloading one by one images).

FakkuDroid v2.2.3

- Little changes to improve perfomance in the lists.

"Anonymous: The download is still buggy. Every time i open the download, it force close. It force closes when i tried to download some old stuff too (sister paradise chapter 1 for example)"

FakkuDroid v2.2.2

- Fixed download bug.

FakkuDroid v2.2.1

- Fixed crash when you select from favorites.

Related Content don't work u.u

FakkuDroid v2.2.0

This new version is only to adapt the new version of Fakku, so it doesn't have any new feature. But it still exists two things that not work:

 - Login validate (you can login, but the app is not going to notify you if your password is incorrect or not. If your login and password are correct you are going to do every old feature: Add or remove to favorites and see your favorites)

 - List comments (This feature is not available)

Jacob said me that Fakku is going to release his API soon and that is going to simplify me the life :D and for you it means that you won't have to update the app so frecuently.

New version of FakkuDroid soon

Fakku release a new version :D... Fakku Version 4

Well, the current app is not available for now, but don't worry, I'm working in a new version and this going to be ready ASAP.

Thanks for the donations!! In special of Fakku ;-)

Friday, June 7, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.1


Update FakkuDroid v2.1.0

New features:

 - New Download module.
 - Some FC fixed.

"Anonymous: weird, this app force close when I want to enter setting. using my sony tablet s. could it be due to tegra 2 processor? however no problem to enter the setting using, my sony xperia z phone. any idea to fix this? btw I wish u can make a black background if possible. wonderful app btw."

Devsaki: I'm not sure if it's going to work, but I created a new Preferences module, this replace the old Settings module. Please test it and say me if it works or not.

"RC~: when i try to run it on my Gingerbread device, sometimes the download notification tell me that the download is finished but it's still unfinished, and i met corrupt image files when downloading."

Devsaki: Now, if the download is unfinished or corrupted, the app is going to advise you.

"RC~: And i think "sort by tags" menu is should be written on the program and doesn't need to be paginated, because it's not so much, and there is bug when i click page 2 nothing happened. and in my oppinion the left icon inside browse manga or doujinshi is unneeded because it only make menu weird.1" (FIXED)

Thanks to Ganonmaster:

 - New launcher icon.
 - Fixed spelling for serveral strings.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

FakkuDroid 2.0.3


Update FakkuDroid v2.0.3

"Anonymous: Hey Dev, when I open a manga all i see for each page is a blank image with a blue box (question mark). Wondering.. How to fix?" (FIXED)

I added a checker update, too. If exists a new version, FakkuDroid is going to notify you. (New feature)

Update FakkuDroid v2.0.2 - Mediafire

Bugs solved:

the simple way to get force close is:
1. open app
2. and press back button before the loading is done.
3. you're win!" (REALLY FIXED)

""Anonymous: My favorites" only seems to open up the first time you click on it in the sidebar. When you try to open it again when you are somewhere else in the app, it won't open again. It just shows a blank page with the loading animation constantly going.

If I exit the app and reopen it, I can click on my favorites again. However it won't open up if I try to click on it the next time again while still using the app."(FIXED)

Update FakkuDroid v2.0.1

Bugs solved:

the simple way to get force close is:
1. open app
2. and press back button before the loading is done.
3. you're win!" (FIXED)
found a new way to get FC :
1. enable autorotate
2. open app and rotate screen
3. smile :D(FIXED)

"Anonymous: There are issues opening links and related content from manga/doujinshi opened in my favorites when logged into account. When you click on related content button, the app just goes back to my favorite listing. Same thing happens when you click on links (tags, artist) in the manga/doujinshi description. They don't work. It just goes back to my favorites list.(FIXED)

"Anonymous: After clicking on related content button, you can't go back to the previous manga/doujinshi page. Pressing the back button closes the app instead. Would be better if you can go back to the previous page where you clicked the link on."

Devsaki (me): That is a little complicated to do, because I have to create an historial (maybe in the next version). But if you go to the related content, the first item is the manga you selected.

Amazing! suprisingly good update. :D
but there is still some minor issue with text position on menu i guess."

Devsaki (me): The text position on menu have a padding left now.

Thanks for your feedbacks :D.
Sorry for the delay!
Download FakkuDroid v2.0.apk

New features:

 - New interface.
 - Integration with Perfect Viewer (only for downloaded mangas, adjust in settings).
 - Improved downloads manager.
 - Searches in Downloads.
 - Added option to change orientation screen in viewer.
 - Some bugs fixed.

I'm waiting for your feedbacks :D. If you find a bug or problem (including English problems. My english is very bad), please write it in the comments.

PD1.- Please read the message screen.
PD2.- Tested in a Galaxy Ace.
PD3.- Is anyone interested to make a new user guide?.
PD4.- Sorry about the link. It's already fixed.

Friday, May 10, 2013

FakkuDroid v1.9.0 - Updated 1.9.3

FakkuDroid v1.9.3

New features:

 - Fix crash when you read online or download a doujin or manga.
 - Add scan option in downloads.*
 - Add little configurations to solve images flickers.

* If you can't update the app and have downloaded mangas, you can use this option to add them to the download list again.

PD.- Thanks for your feedback :D. Please, write if you have a problem.

PD2.- I'm a little busy for my job, but I already started to build FakkuDroid 2.0. This new project is going to take me time because is almost a new project, I'm cleaning the code and adding new libraries to improve the interface. 

Updated (v1.9.1): Fix scan option and perfomance improved.

Updated (v1.9.2): Added pagination in download list.

Updated (v1.9.3): I deleted scan folder option (don't use the option). If you going to update from a version 1.8.3 or minor, please, make a backup of the db with some backup app. 

If you used the option in the v1.9, I'm so sorry :(, but it's probably your files downloaded has been deleted and you have to download again. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

FakkuDroid v1.8 - Updated: FakkuDroid v1.8.3

FakkuDroid v1.8.3.apk

New features:

 - Added new settings:
    - Select cache and download folder.*
    - Select screen orientation in the gallery.
 - Fixed bug when you change the screen orientation in the doujin detail screen.
 - Other little bugs fixeds.

* The app changes the extention of the images to "*.fakku".
** The app is always going to download the images first in the cache folder when load a list.
*** I can't test if the app downloads well in the SD, so please write me your feedbacks.

PD.- I recommend delete the last version.

Updated (v1.8.1): I found a little problem with the gallery, so please download this new version if you downloaded the previous version (v1.8).

Updated (v1.8.2): I have changed the file extention to "*.jpg" again, and add it a .nomedia file to hide the folder. In theory, it's compatible with the previous extention "*.fakku", but I'm not sure, so please write me your feedbacks. 



 - Agregado nuevas opciones de configuración:
    - Seleccionar el directorio de cache o descargas.*
    - Seleccionar la orientación de la pantalla en la galeria.
 - Arreglado el bug cuando cambias la orientación de la pantalla en el módulo de detalle del doujin.
 - Otros pequeños bugs arreglados.

* La app cambia la extensión de las imágenes a "*.fakku".
** La app siempre va a descargar las imágenes primero en la carpeta Cache cuando carga una lista.
*** No puedo probar si la app descarga bien in la SD, así que por favor escribanme sus feedbacks.

PD.- Recomiendo eliminar la última versión.

Actualización: Encontré un pequeño problema con la galería  así que descarga esta nueva versión si descargaste la versión previa (v1.8).

Actualización: He cambiado las extensiones de las imagenes nuevamente a ".jpg" y agregado un archivo .nomedia para ocultar la carpeta. En teoría es compatible con la extensión anterior ".fakku", pero no estoy seguro, así que por favor escríbanme sus feedbacks. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Version Soon...

I had problems with my house internet conection the last week and I coudn't do anything... I felt like in the South Park episode - Over logging...

Well, the good new is I had installed Eclipse and Android SDK in my laptop job, so I'm going to have more time to develop the app.

Esta última semana tuve problemas con la conexión a Internet de mi casa y no pude hacer nada... me sentí como en el episodio de South Park - Over logging...

Bueno, las buenas noticias es que he instalado Eclipse y el Android SDK en la laptop de mi trabajo, por lo que tendré más tiempo para programar.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

FakkuDroid 1.7

New features:
 - Fixed bug when you cancel the download
 - Change way to load the images in the Favorite's list.*

*If you have a nexus 7 or other than have problems with the list, please, write your feedbacks.

FakkuDroid 1.7

Question: Is the app working well in your smartphone? If it's yes, please write it in the comments with your smartphone and Android version. If it's not, too and write the problem.

Monday, April 1, 2013

FakkuDroid v1.6

New features:
 - Fixed crash when open a doujin or manga and step back before the app finishs to load
 - Added download List
 - Added settings
     - Active cache mode*
     - Password to unlock
     - Force landscape in Gallery
     - Use volume buttons as zoom buttons
     - Show page number
     - Reading mode (Right to left, left to right)
 - Click in the urls in the comments
 - A cancel button while the app downloads the images

*In theory, this avoid the flickers and disappears of the images in the lists, but this mode loads the lists slower than normal mode. 


If you like the app, please donate to this project ^_^.

FakkuDroid v1.6

PD.- If you have a problem or find a bug or just have a suggest, please writes in the comments.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

FakkuDroid v1.5

New features:
 - Fixed crash when see the comments in Froyo and Gingerbread.
 - Fixed crashs  when lose the internet conection.
 - Added message if the lists are empty ("No data")
 - Improve perfomance in the gallery*
 - Download option.

*Well, at least in my Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.2.2. I had to return the context menu instead of using the menu button when you are using Android 3.0 or newer.

FakkuDroid 1.5

If you like the app, please, donate to this project ^_^.

Thanks for the donations!!.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FakkuDroid v1.4

This version just fix the problems with the new changes of HTML of Fakku. If you had problems this week with the app, please, try this new version and write your feedback :D.

Pd.- Thank you so much to people who donate. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

New version ASAP

Well, Fakku changes the html and FakkuDroid left to work.

New version as soon as possible.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FakkuDroid 1.3

New Features:
 - Read comments.
 - Like or dislike a comment.
 - Remove zoom buttons in the gallery.
 - Put options menu to the menu button instead of just "press and hold".
 - Fixed bugs.

I'm working in:
 - Write a comment.
 - Download mode.
 - Fix the bug that crashes the app when phone is not connected to the internet.

FakkuDroid 1.3

Off topic

Well, I don't have big financial difficulties, but I'm going to start the college soon and my money saved was borrowed to my parents for a problem they had and I don't know if they'll be able to return me someday.
So if you like the app and you want to help me a little, please, donate to this project.
I'll be grateful for any help. Thanks.

PD.- Thanks to thesupersoldierserum for the feedbacks.
PD2.- If you find a bug or have suggests, write it in the comments.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Unexpected New Version! FakkuDroid 1.2

Well, if you are using the last version (v1.1), you had noticed than the app crashed when it tries to load a selection. Fakku changed a page and that was the cause of the crash.

New Features

 - Bug fixed (Crash when you select).
 - Navigation Options (Go to..., Go to First Page, Go to Last Page)

FakkuDroid v1.2

PD.- Thanks to ChibiButo and Kenneth Huang for the advice.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Next Version: 02/15

In the next version, I'm going to add the comments option. But I'm little busy, so I'm going to release the next version in February 15.

If you find a bug or problem, write it in the comments.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

FakkuDroid v1.1

FakkuDroid v1.1
- Improve design.
- Fixed bug in Random Manga or Doujin.
- Added Related Content.
- If you press and hold a button you can now see a little description of the button.

FakkuDroid v1.1.apk

Monday, January 14, 2013

About FakkuDroid

FakkuDroid is an Android app to watch Fakku.

I changed the app name (before known as FakkuViewer), because already exists an browser plugin with the same name. I recommend it to watch in Chrome Fakku, get it here.

Download links.
Installation Instructions.
User Guide.

If you like the app and want to contribute to this project, you can help me saying me the errors, suggests or if you are a android developer you can help me with the code, github repository.

Or you can donate :D

If you don't have android and you are looking for an app for your smartphone. I invite you to prove this site: developed by wlr.

Logo by akichuu, get it here.