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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Unexpected New Version! FakkuDroid 1.2

Well, if you are using the last version (v1.1), you had noticed than the app crashed when it tries to load a selection. Fakku changed a page and that was the cause of the crash.

New Features

 - Bug fixed (Crash when you select).
 - Navigation Options (Go to..., Go to First Page, Go to Last Page)

FakkuDroid v1.2

PD.- Thanks to ChibiButo and Kenneth Huang for the advice.


  1. Looken good, now if only we had a download and turn off lights feature, also what's the story with Fakku are they not letting you put this on the market or is it a Google policy thingy?

    1. It's Google Policy:
      *Sexually Explicit Material: We don't allow content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material.

      With Fakku, I haven't had problems.

      I can add download function, but why do you want to turn off lights?

  2. It's just a nice feature to keep the brightness down, like in solid explorer you can change the theme to a dark version of the app.

    1. Ok, I'm going to try to add it in the next next version. (First comments and downloads)

  3. For some reason on my LG LUCID after selecting the read button, pictures will not load, for any doujin at, all, the.loading bar hangs and never loads the doujin pages

  4. Uhmm... I don't understand very well (My English is bad).
    I understand than the app never loads the doujin pages in any doujin, right?
    Do you have any problem to see the images in the first screen (doujins list)?
    What Android Version (Gingerbread, ICS) do you have?

    Pd.- Sometimes, if you swipe to change page, the page loads. Try it.

  5. Android 4.0.4 and on the first page before clicking read, i can see like the cover art, and I tried swiping, didn't work.

    1. I'm sorry, I couldn't replicate your issue, but I found an error in the code of the gallery (this not affect to my Galaxy Nexus, but maybe with this fix your Android can work correctly). Do you still have problems?

      Pd.- Sorry for my English.
      Pd2.- If I made any mistake in my answer, please, correct me to improve my English. Thanks.

  6. May I suggest some improvements to the awesome app?
    - Fix the bug that crashes the app when phone is not connected to the internet.
    - Cache storage
    - Download mode, its just basic necessity for any manga app.
    - Remove zoom button or make it optional in the setting. It's annoyingly blocking be beautiful girls in the manga.
    - Put options menu to the menu button instead of just "press and hold"
    - Look at mangawatcher for more ideas on how to improve fakkudroid. Get it at

    1. Thanks for your feedbacks.
      I'm going to work in remove zoom buttons and put options menu to the menu button.

      Cache storage I don't have idea how to developed.
      Download mode, I'm going to added in the next next version, I think.


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