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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hentoid V1.1.2

Thanks to neosubmarino and avluis.

New features 
With this release, we bring you a built-in updater.
Hentoid will check for updates as usual, but now it will also offer to download and install updates.

With new features, come new bugs.
This release adds an About page to the Navigation Bar while improving the way the updater works and notifies you of any updates.
Check for Updates has been moved to the Preferences Screen with the option to disable background updates while on mobile data

This release brings us the nifty swipe-down to refresh on either of the three supported websites.
I will be considering to keep or remove the floating refresh button, for future updates.
Along with this release, there are a few under the hood code cleanups and of layout tweaks.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hentoid V1.0.9

New features:

 - Fix pururin downloads
 - Some others little bugs fixed

Well, I'm leaving the project for now. But I am available to support to anybody that wants to help introduce new features or create a fork.

Special thanks to avluis and neosubmarino.