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Monday, May 16, 2016

Hentoid 1.1.6r2

V 1.1.6r2
  • Fix for nhentai download.
  • Fix for Tsumino browsing. Hentoid now blocks some interruptive popups.
Known Issues:
  • Downloading to sd card is limited to certain directories only for Android 4.4.2 and above.
  • This update only includes the above fixes and no new features.
  • Older versions of Hentoid are being hosted on some other app stores but please be advised that those are not official and we cannot guarantee that they are safe to download or use. Only download new releases from here or our Github page.
Download Hentoid V 1.1.6r2Github ReleasesGoogle+ community


    We are considering starting a subreddit for Hentoid so users who get updates from reddit will be notified if they subscribe, meanwhile users who don't use reddit can check as usual in the subreddit.

    We may abandon this blogspot site as there is no way to change the url to better fit the app's name. As usual none of these plans are definite and we would love to hear everyone's opinion on it.

    Contributions are always welcome! We may need testers for the upcoming feature filled update so if you're interested, please let us know here or in our google+ page.

- Shiro

Update 5/24/2016

    Here's our subreddit!

- Shiro