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Monday, June 29, 2015

Hentoid v1.0.0 -> v1.0.2

Well, new app.

Hentoid V1.0.2
Hentoid V1.0.1
Hentoid V1.0.0

 - Compatibility with Fakkudroid v2 & v3 (Import Contents).
 - You still can download from Fakku.
 - Pururin Downloads*
 - Avoided constant refresh when switching portrait/landscape in the web view.
 - Some bugs fixed.

*About Pururin, the downloads start take more time and some times maybe the app is going to show you an error, just try download again.

PD .- I'm looking for a new icon app.
PD2.- If I forgot some feature or bug that you request or maybe you have a new one, please, write it in the comments.

Thanks for your feedback.

--------------------------UPDATE V1.0.2------------------------------
Please Download this new version, because his pururin download service is a lot better.
Old versions are deprecated.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

FakkuDroid V3.1.0 -> V3.1.3

Well, I am not receiving more crash reports, so I'm going to guess the app is stable...
Anyway, this new version introduce two new features:

 - Send report automatically (not need to send an email anymore)
 - Update Checker

And improve a little the perfomance.

Well, I'm going to start to work in next new features:
 - App Lock Password
 - Native navigation content (not webview)
 - Login
 - Read online content

I just read the post about the new policy in fakku in the next months (remove all unlicence content).
I'm going to drop the project for now, I want to see if it is going to worth it.
But well, I'm going to continuate fixing bugs.

Thanks for your feedbacks!!

FakkuDroid V3.1.0

---------------------Update 06/15 ---------------------------
Fixing DB Lock Crasher

FakkuDroid V3.1.1

PD.- Well, I decided to make another app, more flexible, this new app is going to be compatible with the current fakkudroid and you'll be able to download from fakku and pururin for now.

--------------------Update 06/17-------------------------------
Some crash bug fixed
Update checker in preferences
Read button in Web View

FakkuDroid V3.1.2

-------------------Update 06/18---------------------------------
Some crash bug fixed (Android 4.0.4 and 4.1.1)
Dialog box when click in read button.

FakkuDroid V3.1.3

Sunday, June 7, 2015

FakkuDroid V3.0.11 Beta 11 - Update: 06/12/2015

 - Some bugs fixed.
 - Report Crasher (now you can send me your error logs when the app crash)
 - Navigation Drawer

Beta 5: More bugs fixed. Thanks for your report crash logs.

Beta 7:

More bugs fixed.
Mangas like this that you need to be logged, now they are compatible.
Thanks for your report crash logs.
Beta 8:
Initial crash bug fixed

Beta 9:

More bugs fixed.
The list is showing the tags now.

Download link:
  FakkuDroid V3.0.2 Beta 3
  FakkuDroid V3.0.3 Beta 4
  FakkuDroid V3.0.4 Beta 5
  FakkuDroid V3.0.5 Beta 6
  FakkuDroid V3.0.7 Beta 7
  FakkuDroid V3.0.8 Beta 8
  FakkuDroid V3.0.9 Beta 9
  FakkuDroid V3.0.10 Beta 10

Do you have problems to save in your microSD?
If you have Android 4.4.2 or above, maybe you have been experiment problems saving in your SD Card. That is because Google introduce a new ANNOYING feature in the version 4.4.2 (more informations here)

What can I do?
Well, in my case (ASUS Zenfone 5), I had to create a new folder "com.devsaki.fakkudroid" in "/MicroSD/Android/data" directory and select that folder as my FakkuDroid folder.

If you still have problems, try unmount and mount again your SD card.

WARNING: If you uninstall the app, maybe your fakkudroid folder is going to be deleted, at least when the folder is in "MicroSD/data/com.devsaki.fakkudroid". Please be careful, my fakkudroid folder was deleted by error, testing the app. :(