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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.6.0

Read the initial message and support the project ^_^

FakkuDroid v2.6.0

New Features:

- Improve perfomance speed downloading image covers.

- Add and remove favorites (FIXED)
- Android 3.2 problems (FIXED) *
- Change Page with volume buttons (in Preference)
- Some app crashs and bugs fixeds.

*Tobighost, please, test and say me if it works now.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

FakkuDroid 2.5.1

Read the initial message and support the project ^_^

FakkuDroid v2.5.1

New Features:

- Improve Log File

- No Data Bug (Fixed) *
- Android 2.1 Compatibility
- RC~"if you make it can remember last sorting choice, it would be nice. :D" (DONE)
- Some bugs fixeds
- Created a dialog to change the page in the lists (do a tap in the page)
- Bug empty folder (Fixed)

* If you still have problems with that or maybe you can't start download or read, please enable the option Save Log File in Preference, replicated the errors and upload the file. I improved this file to have more details :D.

New Version FakkuDroid ASAP

Fakku changed his html and the app is not working. I'm going to release a new version ASAP.

Monday, August 5, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.4.3

FakkuDroid v2.4.3

New Features:

 - New way to order the download list (By date).
 - New option to save a log file *.
 - Bug: If you have an Android without root, maybe you have been experimenting problems with the downloads, please test this new version.
 - RC~ "and when we entering manga details and go back to manga list, the manga list would return on the top of list. it kind of annoying, could you made it remember last scroll position? :3" (DONE)

* This option is not enable by default, if you have problems and want to help me to fix the problem, please enable the preference, replicate the error and upload the logfile.txt.

New button to order list

Friday, August 2, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.4.2

New Features:
 - "i always get "no data" popup when i "click" on any manga... doesnt matter if logged in or not..." (FIXED)
 - RC~"wow finally, Sidebar color: #303030 Sidebar divider: #292929" (FIXED)
 - Some bugs fixed.

FakkuDroid NO DATA

Well, I don't know why, but Fakku API isn't working, so I'm going to release a new version ASAP.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.4.1

New Features:
  - New option to delete the cover images cache (in Preference)*.
  - New loading gif (Thanks to RC)
  - Dark Menu**.
  - Implementation of the Fakku API. Improve perfomance to open manga.
  - Some bugs fixed.
  - Scan folder option (in Preference).

FakkuDroid v2.4.1
* If you want to dowload again the covers in case of error.

** I don't sure about the tone of the black, if you have a suggest, please send me the hexadecimal color :D.