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Sunday, March 24, 2013

FakkuDroid v1.5

New features:
 - Fixed crash when see the comments in Froyo and Gingerbread.
 - Fixed crashs  when lose the internet conection.
 - Added message if the lists are empty ("No data")
 - Improve perfomance in the gallery*
 - Download option.

*Well, at least in my Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.2.2. I had to return the context menu instead of using the menu button when you are using Android 3.0 or newer.

FakkuDroid 1.5

If you like the app, please, donate to this project ^_^.

Thanks for the donations!!.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FakkuDroid v1.4

This version just fix the problems with the new changes of HTML of Fakku. If you had problems this week with the app, please, try this new version and write your feedback :D.

Pd.- Thank you so much to people who donate. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

New version ASAP

Well, Fakku changes the html and FakkuDroid left to work.

New version as soon as possible.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FakkuDroid 1.3

New Features:
 - Read comments.
 - Like or dislike a comment.
 - Remove zoom buttons in the gallery.
 - Put options menu to the menu button instead of just "press and hold".
 - Fixed bugs.

I'm working in:
 - Write a comment.
 - Download mode.
 - Fix the bug that crashes the app when phone is not connected to the internet.

FakkuDroid 1.3

Off topic

Well, I don't have big financial difficulties, but I'm going to start the college soon and my money saved was borrowed to my parents for a problem they had and I don't know if they'll be able to return me someday.
So if you like the app and you want to help me a little, please, donate to this project.
I'll be grateful for any help. Thanks.

PD.- Thanks to thesupersoldierserum for the feedbacks.
PD2.- If you find a bug or have suggests, write it in the comments.