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Saturday, June 29, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.3.0

FakkuDroid v2.3.0

New Features:

 - Fixed favorites (open manga and change number page).
 - Refresh menu when you sign in.
 - New favorites design.

Thanks for your feedbacks!

PD.- Does anybody wants to make a new loading gif to replace the current gif?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I came back

Well, I travelled to my town the last week and I didn't have Internet or if I had, his Internet was the slowest in the world.

I'm going to release new versions this week :D fixing favorites and other things.

Sorry for the delay.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.2.0 - Updated v2.2.5

FakkuDroid v2.2.5

- Back button improved.

"Anonymous: The app force closes every time a download completes. After it closes the notification for the completed download remains on the notification bar and can't be removed unless you force close the app from the application listing in settings. This issue is happening on my nexus 7." (FIXED)

This new version maybe have new bugs, please test it.

FakkuDroid v2.2.4

In the last update, I tried to use the new "Download link" of Fakku, but it seems still unstable, so this new version always use the old way to download mangas (Downloading one by one images).

FakkuDroid v2.2.3

- Little changes to improve perfomance in the lists.

"Anonymous: The download is still buggy. Every time i open the download, it force close. It force closes when i tried to download some old stuff too (sister paradise chapter 1 for example)"

FakkuDroid v2.2.2

- Fixed download bug.

FakkuDroid v2.2.1

- Fixed crash when you select from favorites.

Related Content don't work u.u

FakkuDroid v2.2.0

This new version is only to adapt the new version of Fakku, so it doesn't have any new feature. But it still exists two things that not work:

 - Login validate (you can login, but the app is not going to notify you if your password is incorrect or not. If your login and password are correct you are going to do every old feature: Add or remove to favorites and see your favorites)

 - List comments (This feature is not available)

Jacob said me that Fakku is going to release his API soon and that is going to simplify me the life :D and for you it means that you won't have to update the app so frecuently.

New version of FakkuDroid soon

Fakku release a new version :D... Fakku Version 4

Well, the current app is not available for now, but don't worry, I'm working in a new version and this going to be ready ASAP.

Thanks for the donations!! In special of Fakku ;-)

Friday, June 7, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.1


Update FakkuDroid v2.1.0

New features:

 - New Download module.
 - Some FC fixed.

"Anonymous: weird, this app force close when I want to enter setting. using my sony tablet s. could it be due to tegra 2 processor? however no problem to enter the setting using, my sony xperia z phone. any idea to fix this? btw I wish u can make a black background if possible. wonderful app btw."

Devsaki: I'm not sure if it's going to work, but I created a new Preferences module, this replace the old Settings module. Please test it and say me if it works or not.

"RC~: when i try to run it on my Gingerbread device, sometimes the download notification tell me that the download is finished but it's still unfinished, and i met corrupt image files when downloading."

Devsaki: Now, if the download is unfinished or corrupted, the app is going to advise you.

"RC~: And i think "sort by tags" menu is should be written on the program and doesn't need to be paginated, because it's not so much, and there is bug when i click page 2 nothing happened. and in my oppinion the left icon inside browse manga or doujinshi is unneeded because it only make menu weird.1" (FIXED)

Thanks to Ganonmaster:

 - New launcher icon.
 - Fixed spelling for serveral strings.