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Sunday, May 26, 2013

FakkuDroid 2.0.3


Update FakkuDroid v2.0.3

"Anonymous: Hey Dev, when I open a manga all i see for each page is a blank image with a blue box (question mark). Wondering.. How to fix?" (FIXED)

I added a checker update, too. If exists a new version, FakkuDroid is going to notify you. (New feature)

Update FakkuDroid v2.0.2 - Mediafire

Bugs solved:

the simple way to get force close is:
1. open app
2. and press back button before the loading is done.
3. you're win!" (REALLY FIXED)

""Anonymous: My favorites" only seems to open up the first time you click on it in the sidebar. When you try to open it again when you are somewhere else in the app, it won't open again. It just shows a blank page with the loading animation constantly going.

If I exit the app and reopen it, I can click on my favorites again. However it won't open up if I try to click on it the next time again while still using the app."(FIXED)

Update FakkuDroid v2.0.1

Bugs solved:

the simple way to get force close is:
1. open app
2. and press back button before the loading is done.
3. you're win!" (FIXED)
found a new way to get FC :
1. enable autorotate
2. open app and rotate screen
3. smile :D(FIXED)

"Anonymous: There are issues opening links and related content from manga/doujinshi opened in my favorites when logged into account. When you click on related content button, the app just goes back to my favorite listing. Same thing happens when you click on links (tags, artist) in the manga/doujinshi description. They don't work. It just goes back to my favorites list.(FIXED)

"Anonymous: After clicking on related content button, you can't go back to the previous manga/doujinshi page. Pressing the back button closes the app instead. Would be better if you can go back to the previous page where you clicked the link on."

Devsaki (me): That is a little complicated to do, because I have to create an historial (maybe in the next version). But if you go to the related content, the first item is the manga you selected.

Amazing! suprisingly good update. :D
but there is still some minor issue with text position on menu i guess."

Devsaki (me): The text position on menu have a padding left now.

Thanks for your feedbacks :D.
Sorry for the delay!
Download FakkuDroid v2.0.apk

New features:

 - New interface.
 - Integration with Perfect Viewer (only for downloaded mangas, adjust in settings).
 - Improved downloads manager.
 - Searches in Downloads.
 - Added option to change orientation screen in viewer.
 - Some bugs fixed.

I'm waiting for your feedbacks :D. If you find a bug or problem (including English problems. My english is very bad), please write it in the comments.

PD1.- Please read the message screen.
PD2.- Tested in a Galaxy Ace.
PD3.- Is anyone interested to make a new user guide?.
PD4.- Sorry about the link. It's already fixed.

Friday, May 10, 2013

FakkuDroid v1.9.0 - Updated 1.9.3

FakkuDroid v1.9.3

New features:

 - Fix crash when you read online or download a doujin or manga.
 - Add scan option in downloads.*
 - Add little configurations to solve images flickers.

* If you can't update the app and have downloaded mangas, you can use this option to add them to the download list again.

PD.- Thanks for your feedback :D. Please, write if you have a problem.

PD2.- I'm a little busy for my job, but I already started to build FakkuDroid 2.0. This new project is going to take me time because is almost a new project, I'm cleaning the code and adding new libraries to improve the interface. 

Updated (v1.9.1): Fix scan option and perfomance improved.

Updated (v1.9.2): Added pagination in download list.

Updated (v1.9.3): I deleted scan folder option (don't use the option). If you going to update from a version 1.8.3 or minor, please, make a backup of the db with some backup app. 

If you used the option in the v1.9, I'm so sorry :(, but it's probably your files downloaded has been deleted and you have to download again.