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Monday, September 8, 2014

FakkuDroid v2.9.5 ---> v2.9.9

This is a fast update and maybe some things is not working and crash the app.

I implemented the api of fakku and fix it No Data problem.

* Comments is not working because I didn't have time to finish it.

Thanks to everyone for your feedbacks and support.

Mega - MegaFire Version 2.9.5

Update v2.9.6:

- Downloads
- Search
- Tags repeated
- Date repeated

New feature:
 - Using https instead http (If you had problems with your ISP, try it).

Sorry for the last release (I didn't test very well... if you find another error, leave your feedback :D)

Mega - Mediafire Version 2.9.6
Update v2.9.7:
- Tags
- Change pages has a limit now

The comments api is not working very well, so I'm going to wait.

Mega - Mediafire Version 2.9.7
Update v2.9.8:
- Change pages limit fix it

I didn't test very well, again... sorry. Thanks for your feedbacks!

Mega - Mediafire Version 2.9.8

I created a topic in the Fakku's forum, You can left your feedbacks there, too.
Update v2.9.9:
- Fakku Api Updated (Fixed)

Sorry for the delay, I only have time weekends for now.

Mega - Mediafire Version 2.9.9