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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

FakkuDroid V3.0.1 Beta 2

- Improve Database queries (best perfomance)
- Bug: Tags repetead (fixed)
- Feature: Search content by tag, serie or artist
- Bug: Download Manager Service resume button

FakkuDroid v3.0.1 Deprecated

FakkuDroid Install por DevSaki

FakkuDroid read content por DevSaki

Sunday, May 24, 2015

FakkuDroid V3 Beta 1 - A new start

This is a new fakkudroid project app. I'm still working in some functions, but you can try this new version if you have problems with the FakkuDroid V2. Btw, this app needs Android 4.0 or above and a Manga reader like Perfect Viewer.

FakkuDroid V3.0.0

Sorry for the delay, the last week my nexus 5 was stoled =/ and I had to work in the android emulator.

PD:  Thanks to Jay for deploy the alpha versions.
PD2: This version doesn't have an updater checker yet.