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Monday, June 30, 2014

No data - New version ASAP

Well, Fakku changed his doujin layout again, so the app is not working. I'm working in that.
Thanks to everyone for your feedbacks.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

FakkuDroid v2.9.0 ---- Update v2.9.2 - No Data Problem

Update: No data problem

Sorry for these months without support, I have been very busy with the university and the work. And well, the semester finished and I'm going to take advantage of these months of vacation to improve and solve bugs of the app.

Download FakkuDroid v2.9.0 (Mega)

Download FakkuDroid v2.9.1 (Mega)

Download FakkuDroid v2.9.2 (Mega)

New features:
 - Improve perfomance (open doujin details faster)
 - New Shortcuts buttons (Download and Read) from Doujin List
 - Improve parser code (if you are a programmer, now it's easier to understand wtf I did it in the app core)
 - Related Content Crash fixed
 - If you had problems with "My Favorites" module, logout and login again. I changed the login code to catch the favorite url.
 - Chashes in the list : I think it is a memory problem (too images), so I remove the images in the buttons.
- Improve perfomance loading images in the lists
- Added a catcher exception opening download lists, now it is going to show a little message error.
- Parser description fixed

Super special thanks to scanf. He implemented the new download shortcut button and in a certain way he revived the project.

If you have the "No Data" problem, please try this version, because I changed a lot the app core and maybe your problem is solved.

If you still have problems with the app, send me your feedback.

Please, READ the first screen and Support Fakku :D.