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Monday, October 7, 2013

FakkuDroid v2.7.1

I created a topic in Fakku Forum to comment about the app (problems, suggests, etc). I would rather than you write there than here, because I think would be more organizated.

FakkuDroid v2.7.1 - Download Link

New features:

 - Little design changes to Manga Information Page.
 - "Very small bug, but annoying nonetheless. I'm on version 2.6, and when I tell it to not remind me again of the new update, it reminds me every time I load a new doujinshi. Obviously can't test this using the new version because there wouldn't be an update to tell it not to remind me of."  - ~Anonymous (FIXED)

 - "Favorites don't work? The app fetches[username]/favorites but the website is like this[username]-[some number]/favorites" - ~Anonymous.

I don't know when this happen, but some users have different way to generate his favorite url. For example, in my case, my username is devsaki and my favorite url is

If your favorite url is generated different like, for example the user Shinryu-Rex, his favorite url is, so tap in "Change url user" (see image 1) and insert only the bond word (see image 2).

Image 1
Image 2