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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FakkuDroid 1.3

New Features:
 - Read comments.
 - Like or dislike a comment.
 - Remove zoom buttons in the gallery.
 - Put options menu to the menu button instead of just "press and hold".
 - Fixed bugs.

I'm working in:
 - Write a comment.
 - Download mode.
 - Fix the bug that crashes the app when phone is not connected to the internet.

FakkuDroid 1.3

Off topic

Well, I don't have big financial difficulties, but I'm going to start the college soon and my money saved was borrowed to my parents for a problem they had and I don't know if they'll be able to return me someday.
So if you like the app and you want to help me a little, please, donate to this project.
I'll be grateful for any help. Thanks.

PD.- Thanks to thesupersoldierserum for the feedbacks.
PD2.- If you find a bug or have suggests, write it in the comments.


  1. Just downloaded it. It's really good! Thanks a lot for the efforts.

    I have a few little suggestions:
    -How about having a login image that changes at random like on Fakku ?( this one is purely because I find it cute )

    -A little more colors would be good on the background too, not anything too heavy though.

    -It would be good if it could alert you when a new entry is uploaded.

    -I've just tried it so I have yet to notice any bugs but I will inform if I ever do.

    That's it for now! Keep up the good work ~ (I didn't know what would be the most convenient so I just posted this here and on the Fakku Forum)

    I also wish you luck for your personal problems.

  2. Thank you :D.

    I'm going to work in login image that changes at random. That's a cool idea.

    "A little more colors would be good on the background too, not anything too heavy though."
    I'm not a good designer, but I'll try to put new colors. But, if anybody have a design idea, It's welcome.

    "It would be good if it could alert you when a new entry is uploaded."
    When you say new entry, I suppose you only refer to the new doujins or mangas. I'm going to think how to do that.

  3. Is it possible to reconfigure the app gui for exhentai as well or would that require completely redoing everything?
    Ps looken good.

    1. Well, first, thank you, I didn't know that page :D.
      And second, reconfigure the app gui, it's possible, but the core (how the app gets the information of the web site) it's very different and more for the time being, I am not going to work in that.

  4. I guess a zoom option would be great.
    And a "settings" menu would help a lot, like to disable the page number indicatorand stuff.
    Indeed is a great job, thank you :)

    1. You can still zoom in or zoom out using the pinch gestures. And yes, I'm going to add a "Setting Menu" with that option.

      Obrigado pelo seu feedback.

  5. Great work! Thanks for implementing my suggestions!

    The dev of MangaWatcher is facing the same problem as you did with google. Why don't you guys work together and develop the ultimate manga app? Find him on

    1. Thanks. Well, my project is open source and if he wants to integrate my code, I don't have problems :D.

  6. On the manga page, if I click any of the buttons other than the "Related Content", "Play" or "Browser", the app force closes. It also crashes if you switch display mode of the phone (tilting, opening a physical keyboard, etc).

    I actually can't seem to be able to use this at all now. It worked on the first version (but the images were all blurry and impossible to read on my display, so I stopped using it, but now that MangaWatcher is gone I don't have much choice....) so I'm not sure if it's my phone, your app or Fakku itself, but the images aren't loading at all for me when I try to view a manga. I just get "?" icons. It works fine if I go to the same image on Fakku's webpage in my phone's browser, however.

    Also, add the ability to change pages via volume keys and make it so it doesn't turn the screen off while you're reading.

    1. Thanks for your feedback.
      Well, It seems Fakku changes again his html and FakkuDroid left to work. I'm going to release a new version soon with that problem fixed.

  7. Not able to view the picture or whatever the page is formatted in
    Is there any specific requirement for the app ?

  8. A bug I have been trying to figure out is that the image won't load only the two preview thumbnails show but once I wish to read it non of the images won't load. I doubled check if it was my services and WiFi and everything else seems to be working expect fakku images.

    1. FakkuDroid v1.3 isn't working. Fakku did a little change in his html and my app left to work. I'm going to release a new version soon.

      Thanks for your feedbacks.


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