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Monday, April 1, 2013

FakkuDroid v1.6

New features:
 - Fixed crash when open a doujin or manga and step back before the app finishs to load
 - Added download List
 - Added settings
     - Active cache mode*
     - Password to unlock
     - Force landscape in Gallery
     - Use volume buttons as zoom buttons
     - Show page number
     - Reading mode (Right to left, left to right)
 - Click in the urls in the comments
 - A cancel button while the app downloads the images

*In theory, this avoid the flickers and disappears of the images in the lists, but this mode loads the lists slower than normal mode. 


If you like the app, please donate to this project ^_^.

FakkuDroid v1.6

PD.- If you have a problem or find a bug or just have a suggest, please writes in the comments.


  1. The images still flickers and disappears in "my favorites" listing when you log in. I guess this still needs to be fixed. Using it on my Nexus 7.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. Still if you active cache mode?

  3. It still happens with active cache mode. One thing I noticed though is that the images load just fine after you load a manga/doujin to read. When you go back to the my favorite listing, all the images load just fine after.

    1. Ok, I have another idea to try. This weekend I'm going to release a new version, I hope you can test it.

    2. I had time, so I did the modifications. Please, try the new version and write me your feedbacks and if you still have problems with favorites.

  4. im use SS galaxy cooper, im use volume to zoom but it's Nothing happened.

    1. Thanks for your feedbacks.
      First, you have to active that option in the settings.
      If you had actived and nothing happen... well, I'm going to check what happen... Have you activated that option?

      Pd.- By the way, exists a new version (v1.7).


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