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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hentoid V1.1.5

UPDATE: V 1.1.5r2 is now available

V 1.1.5
  • Removed Fakku support (See details below)
  • Added new source. Say hello to nhentai!
Known Issues:
  • nhentai downloads may finish downloading but report a problem. If you experience this, please tell us more about it. Which manga caused this issue is most important.
  • Quoting Fakku: 
  • If your update fails, simply uninstall and reinstall Hentoid by downloading the latest version below.
  • Older versions of Hentoid are being hosted on some other app stores but please be advised that those are not official and we cannot guarantee that they are safe to download or use. Only download new releases from here or our Github page.
Download Hentoid V 1.1.5Github ReleasesGoogle+ community


     Though Fakku has also announced that they may return free content in the future, currently they have no plans on how to do that. And so we've decided to remove Fakku support completely. If they do return free content in the future, we can safely assume that it won't be as good Fakku used to be.

     Please do pay close attention to how Hentoid works with nhentai as this is the first source that wasn't written by devsaki - the original creator of Hentoid. If you find any bugs, please don't hesitate to report it in the comments section below, our google+ page, or our Github issues page. And please don't hesitate to help out! Anything no matter how small helps.

- Shiro


  1. Thanks sir for your hard works,gladly appreciated

  2. First of all, thanks for the hard work :3 i really love this project and follow it since the first versions came out.

    I tried to download some douji from nhentai, some of them worked just as it is supposed to be. Other's errored. It was downloaded only thr thumpnail and sometimes 1 page. As much as i tried it again it is everytime the same result. I pressed on the "View"-button and it redirected me to a complete different doujin link.
    I hope it helps you q_q

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback! I implemented the code for nhentai and I am very interested in your experience. Do you mind telling me which mangas caused these errors?

    2. Hey man, we've got a fix in the works. It's almost done now and we're just testing it. Expect an update soon.

  3. 1 week of no internet
    got home -hentoid update is available
    nhentai? is this real? omfg im so happy

    thanks devs

    1. We're glad you are happy with our work.

  4. I think is good to be able to see the download speed when download

    1. We will consider this. However, there are many other things that we would like to prioritize such as fixing bugs before adding new features.


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