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Friday, October 30, 2015

Hentoid V1.1.3

UPDATE: V 1.1.4 is now available

Thanks to Luis we've got a quick fix.

V 1.1.3
Just a quick-fix to allow you to continue to download from Fakku to your hearts content (please do this in moderation) - support for subscriptions is not yet in nor planned (will need help for this).
Known issues:
  • Downloading from Pururin may result in an "Unhandled error trying to read images". This is due to Pururin servers not being able to handle so many people browsing their site. We can't really do much about this.
  • Some users have experienced not seeing the download button on Fakku and Hitomi in this version. If you are experiencing this please leave your OS version and device model/name in the comments section below.
  • Some users have also reported that the app crashes while browsing Hitomi. If this happens to you please leave step by step instructions on how to make this issue happen, your OS version, and device model/name in the comments section below.

If your upgrade fails, simply uninstall and reinstall Hentoid.
It has come to my attention that older versions of Hentoid are being hosted on some app stores but please be advised that those are not official and we cannot guarantee that they are safe to download or use. Only download new releases from here or our Github page.

Hentoid V 1.1.3 Github Releases Google+ community

Thanks guys! -Shiro

UPDATE: V 1.1.4 is now available


  1. Hitomi's site doesn't work anymore through hentoid ..for eg: jus click on any filter on hitomi's page through the app ..any filter like the language tab ..and the hitomi webpage will fc

    1. Can you tell me your OS version and the model of your device? I'll look into this.

  2. quick fix did not work for me, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-9100 and android version 4.1.2. Thks.

  3. Hello! I tested the New Update!
    Hentoid is NOT Working as it usually does, It's like a Broken app now (though can't test it on Pururin because their site is still down.)

    Since this New Update came, the download button isn't showing up (tested on Fakku and Hitomi) the sites Fakku and Hitomi on this app works fine but the download button isn't there. Can I install the older version and use it while this New Version isn't working well? Because it'll be a bummer not to download and read some for quite some time.

    My Smarphone's Specs (pretty old phone)
    Model: Samsung Galaxy Duos (GT-S7562)
    Android Version: 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
    Root Status: Rooted and Changed ROM (PMP Ultra)

  4. Sorry double comment, I want to leave this here for others who needs to know.

    You CAN use the Hitomi Version 1.1.2 if this 1.1.3 isn't working to you as well. Just download and install it like always it'll ask you to replace the app if it's installed, just go ahead.)

    Hope the new update gets fixed. Keep up the good work guys! Stay Awesome!

    1. Thanks for the info man. And yeah you can use 112 for now since hitomi works on that for you.

      Listen, could you uh... Come over to the bug report page on this one? Do you have a github account?

  5. Can't download from fakku and whenever I try to open anything from the Hitomi home page I crash

    I'm running on Android V5.1.1 and am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  6. I still have issues with error handling after a cleaner program cleaned out my files. Maybe add a "redownload" button?

  7. I Still can't download from fakku. My android version is 4.3 and am using sony xperia m dual

  8. For any of those having issues on 1.1.3, give this build a try and report back:


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