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Monday, October 26, 2015

Hentoid Known issues

Hello everyone this is Shiro. We just wanted to let you guys know that we are aware of some outstanding bugs and issues with the latest version of Hentoid.

We are aware that downloading from Pururin may result in an "Unhandled error trying to read images". This is due to Pururin servers returning an error preventing Hentoid from being able to download the manga. This issue may happen when attempting to download a manga and even while downloading a manga. If this issue happens frequently it is best to try again at a different time when Pururin is able to.

Another issue we're working on is that the download button is no longer appearing when browsing a Fakku manga page. This is currently being reviewed and will be fixed soon.

All other issues can be found here:

And finally, I was just wondering if anyone can come up with a nice Hentoid logo design for this issue.

Thanks guys. -Shiro

UPDATE: Latest version with fix here


  1. I hope you guys can fix this soon. I can't even access pururin now and hitomi is full of redirecting ads. My old downloads wont last much long. Please hurry


  2. Quickfix release incoming (to address Fakku downloads), as soon as my MacBook hurries up and downloads the updated build tools...


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