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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hentoid V1.1.4

UPDATE: V 1.1.4r2 is now available

V 1.1.4
  • Fixed missing download button when browsing Hitomi and Fakku
  • Fixed app crash when browsing Hitomi
Known Issues:
  • Downloading from Pururin may result in an "Unhandled error trying to read images". This is due to Pururin servers not being able to handle so many people browsing their site. We can't really do much about this.
  • If your update fails, simply uninstall and reinstall Hentoid by downloading the latest version below.
  • It has come to my attention that older versions of Hentoid are being hosted on some app stores but please be advised that those are not official and we cannot guarantee that they are safe to download or use. Only download new releases from here or our Github page.

Download Hentoid V 1.1.4 Github Releases Google+ community

Thanks guys! -Shiro


  1. Great as always. Thanks

  2. Report:
    I tested the new update and it works normal now and I mean by that, I tested the app by doing what I usually doing (click on site, browse, load, download and read) and it's doing great, Good job! Stay Awesome as always!

    Model: Samsung Galaxy Duos (GT-S7562)
    Android Version: Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4
    Root Status: Rooted
    ROM: PMP Ultra

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I apologize for my awful use of english and grammar.

    1. Pururin may not come back and its admin (Puro) has been missing. The site has no admin.

      Here i leave some alternatives:

      And another alternative
      Pururin forum (where the website is promoted):,1972.0.html

  5. Please add option to add to queue for download. So we can schedule it and download in WiFi network. Or create option to download with WiFi only. Its very expensive with mobile data and u don't want to browse fakku while in the office with the girl staring. Download add to queue and start it when connected to office network is awesome since it runs in background.

  6. It would be great if you could improve the downloads tab... add more options for view list like this here

  7. Delete "", please. When I look that web on my phone using your app,the ads are very annoying (eg: full-screen ads), although the worst are the viruses. A couple of hours ago, a virus called "security update" infected my phone while I looked

    The virus blocked the screen with a fake interpol message (Like this I couldn't do anything. If I restarted the phone, I just had 5 second until the message appeared again. I couldn't turn off my smartphone easily, but I managed to do it because I needed it to start the "safe mode" to uninstall the virus/app.

    If you can, you could try adding "nhentai","hbrowse" or "". They are far better than "".

  8. Hello, i have a new phone and install this app for the first time. The first screen let me to choose the app download folder. Because of my phone's lack of internal storage, i choose my sd card as default download folder.

    But when i press "Save" button, it says "You don't have permission to write in that folder, try in another folder".

    I have an unrooted Lollipop (5.0.2) android phone.

    After i serach this kind of problem in the internet, it says that in the Lollipop, Android doesn't grant an ability for the app to write to the sd card automatically. They said that the app should request it manually. So i've been told to wait until the developer update their apps.

    Does anyone who use Lollipop and install this app for the first time have this kind of problem?

  9. Everything is fine there are only two things that bother me frirst is that has mandy ads wich prevent me from havong a Good experiend second is that this app doesnt support gif files.

    But still nice job pal!

  10. I've got a big problem! I can't download anything on my sdcard

  11. It seems, i can only download from fakku....pururin is down...and now i can't download from hitomi.
    My device
    Samsung Galaxy S5

  12. Recently getting unhandled error on hitomi,although still able to download only from fakku.

  13. Hitomi is giving the unhandled error

  14. Hello sir. Downloads are having an error on fakku. Download completed but had an error it says.

  15. Downloads from fakku are having error,pururin is stiĺ down and cant download from hitomi because of unhandle error or something..

    My phone model:samsung note 3

  16. Fakku no display image, hitomi unable to download due to error, pururin cant access

  17. Hitomi is full of ads and virus. Pls remove Hitomi.


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