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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The next version

Well, the next version is going to take me a little more time that I expected. But I don't want that you think I abandon the project again, so I'm going to explain what I am doing.

The next version focus to be easier to know what happen and send me the error. Thanks for the feedbacks, I know now that it exists a issue with the database (downloads) and I'm working in that too.

About the favorites.. yeah, I already fixed, but I forgot to release the version before to start to make the new and not ready features, so, in resume, I have a inestable version and thats why I'm not going to release now the version fixing that.

Thanks for your feedbacks!



  1. It always force stop.the fakkudroid always suddenly close when Im open it.always said "not responding".pls fix this, im using galaxy tab 10.1
    Android version=4.2.1 A.K.A JELLY BEAN

  2. I just started getting the "No data" error this morning. Is anyone else experiencing this or is it just me? Anyways just wanted to report it! Thanks!

    1. I have the same problem aswell...
      but to view again...
      click Doujinshi>Sort by...Newest
      and the thing I noticed is the "buruman ch.4" is missing from viewing Sort by Newest while it's present the other day...
      Checked in a browser and it's there...

    2. I just tried what you said...
      click Doujinshi/Manga>Sort by...Newest
      they show up, but the moment I click on "Home" I get "No data"
      and now that you pointed it out "buruman ch.4" is missing for me too.
      Well at least I can still see the Doujinshi and Manga.
      So no rush on that "Home" fix!
      Thanks Anon for the info!

  3. 1. reader almost always suddenly closed after few pages. if i try to reopen that chapter again sometimes it is closed ot the same page as before. well the point is i rarely able to read full chapter without that problem. (prolly happen after you add D and R button)

    2. can you make reading in horizontal mode continously scroll to up and down only? i dont see the reason i need to scroll to the left or right. just put the next page below the previous. try mangarock.apk for an example of good reader.

    3. i thank you my friend, you are doing god's work.

    xperia sola, cyanogen mod 11, smart launcher.

  4. please add pause button for the download
    because when we are downloading and the wifi is off it just show error and skip the download, and i dont even track my download and forget which to download again
    And it will more helpful if it can automatically download the error one instead skip and discard it.

  5. Recently when I go to the downloads tab I can't see the 3 page. My downloads are set to "A to Z" I can see every page except page 3, but when I switch to "Date" I can see everything.
    Pages 1-2 ok
    Page 3 blank
    Pages 4-10 good
    after that its just a bunch of blank pages, I can't remember if it always did that or if it would say "no data". Its not a huge problem just kind of bugs me when I'm trying to look up something. Has anyone come across this problem before? Any help would be much appreciated!

  6. I really appreciate the work but how much longer do you think it'll take?

  7. Hello... Is there any other way to zoom in and out of the image aside from the volume buttons?..

    Even tried to check the "Show zoom buttons" doesnt seem to show any on screen.... using Galaxy Pocket v2.3.6


  8. I was wondering if you can open fakku's url as HTTPS, not as HTTP on the program so I can bypass mobile provider blocks on the site.

    Thanks for the awesome work you are putting into this.

    1. I don't know why, but in my smartphone is not working well the https =/, but I'm going to left a option to use HTTPS in the next version.

  9. New version (2.9.5) ->


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