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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fakku release his official API and his official app

Well, first, sorry for the big delay about the new version, lastly my job is fucking me with a lot of work, but the principal reason is because I fuck the code with the new changes xD... and I am fixing it.

Second, Fakku release his official API :D and I'm working to adapt to FakkuDroid.

Third, Fakku release his official app

About the future of Fakkudroid, well, for now, I'm going to fix the bugs and maybe add a proxy configuration (if I learn how to do it). 

I never had a lot of time to develop and I'm pretty sure in the future someone is going to create a better app in everything (when this happen, I'm going to recommend the app here and drop the project*). But who knows, maybe FakkuDroid someday is the official app (dreaming is free of charge).

*The code is going to be always in github.


  1. I'm sure you won't like my opinion on the subject but here is my take.
    I would love your application to be kept alive since a simple comparison between the official app and yours tells me theirs has a lot of growing up to do.

    I would love to see your app support the api and keep the legacy access code as fallback if the api does go down. In addition, the api only supports public pages, so implementing a way to access our favorites with the api is currently no possibly, but your app allows this.

    Anyways, I have more to say but you already have the very first step covered by having the app open source so it is only a matter of improving what is already there.

  2. Your app is way better, you have more features like downloading which is a huge plus for me, I can browse my favorites and its better then the actual site( I have been a member of fakku for 5 years and have over 400 favorites). The layout of yours is also far superior. I really hope you continue this lil project. I really dont know why I haven't donated. Actually im going to do that right now, this and manga watcher are my 2 most used apps.

  3. Thanks for all the time you've spent on this project!
    I hope you don't give up on fakkudroid though, since it truly is a superior app. But I wish you good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  4. this is way more better...than the original APP and it looks like the one who Publish the official app is not even maintaining it, NO FEEDBACK or anything from him

  5. it's been almost a year since the last time i visit this blog, lol. xD
    well, i know that, thing sometimes gets busier.

    First, i appreciate and very thankful for what have you done building this app. It's very helpful and well build for unofficial app.

    Well, today i tried the official one, and found it lacking off features and stand far below your app (just be honest) :P
    well maybe they have more modern and more simple UI, but that didn't paid off the feature that we need most for browsing and reading experience.

    So, here's my opinion, i think you just need to continue if you had free time :D
    because your app's still standing on top off the official one ;P
    and by doing that maybe your dreams would come true.
    hahaha xD

  6. Please don't give up on this project, this app is very simple to use. I tried the official one and found it like an downgraded version. It's slow, there's no settings and it's not easy to use.

  7. Fakku's official app is shit. No features and is very sluggish. This app is amazing and is much better than theirs. One problem is I am getting a no data error on home page now.

    1. I think exactly the same! Their app is a lame in comparison!
      Please keep working on it if you can!

  8. Your app is much more superior than the official app , please do not abandon the project.

  9. This app is way better than the official. Please continue your project. I think this is the best.

  10. First of all thanks for this wonderful app...
    One thing I noticed is that tags are case sensitive...
    i.e. when looking for tags there's a:
    oppai and Oppai | incest and Incest | and other same case sensitive tags
    the only way you will notice the other Oppai tags is where to look at related contents if it involves the oppai tag...
    My point is... there are other gems that can't be looked at just by searching at tags alone or viewing at the home page till "no data" comes...

    but hey... that's just me... keep up the good work... (=w=)v

  11. Can anyone help me out? I getting the "No Data" error :/
    I've gotten it before and it went away randomly.
    Is anyone else experiencing this?

    1. yeah, I'm having the same problem :(

    2. I'm having that problem too

    3. me too, i thought i was the only one lol

    4. Maybe Fakku had an upgrade again...
      Nothing we can do about it until some fix by author-san...

    5. I have the same problem.. please do not abandon this project, your project is much more better than the official app.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Please Continue this project...the official APP is not even getting UPDATED...PLEASE!

  14. No data error but fakku is up, will there be a patch soon? Really dont want to use the alternative as it runs really bad on my phone.

  15. Yikes the official app sucks pretty bad. Hope this gets updated soon!


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